Thursday, January 20, 2011

Welcome 2011

Desa Cattle, Kundasang

Strawberry Garden, Ranau

Kinabalu Park, Ranau

I begin my 2011 with the visit from my childhood friends. It been a long 15 years we never met each other ( they meet each other again few years ago) and we suddenly become best friends again.

We went to Ranau, Kundasang area on the first day. How unlucky they are, the mountain become a shy girl that day, covering her face most of the time. It looks like they have to come again next time to experience the beauty of Mt Kinabalu. We took a lot beautiful picturesque pic with Faiz camera since Jamil forgot to buy his DSLR.It is also become a great experience to Dayah since she saw the biggest rat ever in this Borneo Island at Philipine Market. Hu hu... lucky not me!

The second day, we went to Tamu Besar. They all really 'pulun' to buy the crystal, pearl things as the souvenirs. Lucky Jamil had us as the guardian angel to choose the best for him since he really blind with all this 'nice beautiful' things. As a rich man, Jamil also does not bargain at all.

They went to snorkel the next day without me :(

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